“Pattern Interrupt”



Friday March 25th, 2022

“Pattern interrupts” are an interesting topic I wanted to try and convey through comic form at some point, but then this silly idea entered my mind. I wanted to try and note it down too, while still thinking about different ways I might be able to simply convey the idea in a different comic in the future.

It’s an idea I find personally helpful when I’m feeling “stuck or in a rut,” but this little comic doesn’t really explain what it is (though it is fun to have stuck in my head for some reason).

Edit: I tried out an idea attempting to use colors to convey the idea! I think it has potential, but I think the color choices need work. Possibly I’ll edit another try in the future!

I’ll post the earlier version in the full entry below for fun:

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Nihilism VS Existentialism


Saturday March 12th, 2022

I’ve always thought it intriguing how these two concepts, which start out from a similar central idea (the inevitability of death), arrive at entirely different conclusions with regard to the “meaning of life.” When I was first introduced to these ideas (way back in high school), I remember nihilism being an interesting concept, but personally being much more drawn toward the ideas behind existentialism.

I expand on this in the full post below!

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Thursday March 10th, 2022

This was a fun one! Throughout my life, I’ve often thought that I never quite fit in anywhere. I eventually realized that this perfectly normal, and is probably a commonly felt experience.

I expand on this thought in the full post below.

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