“Angel Island Dracaena”


Fri Sep 7th, 2023

I went on a hike to Angel Island recently. It was the first time I’ve been there. You take a ferry to the island, which makes it feel like a special little trip.

We took our time during the hike, which turned out to be very fun, because I didn’t know there would be additional sites to see other than general wilderness. There were plenty of those, as well, to be sure – such as this giant version of what, to me, resembled a huge specimen of the “Dracaena” plant we have in our kitchen!

I had no prior knowledge of this plant before, and because we had just started Pikmin 4 around this time, I could not help relating to the starting parts of the game. When your little alien astronaut friend exclaims, “The plants on this planet are huge!” While you, as the player, cannot help thinking how silly these aliens are – how they are unaware by how they are the tiny ones!

More rambling about the hike and plants in the full post:

“Glorious Sunlight”


Fri Aug 5th, 2023
The buffer is back!
Managed to polish this one up this morning. I’m sure it’s been noticeable how the style has been fluctuating with these recent pages – I’ve been trying out and deciding which style I want to use more often for Duskbirds. I enjoyed painting the style Duskbirds #23 was in (“Dishes”), and think I used a similar workflow to this one. It’s satisfying to paint, and a bit faster than the sketchier brush I’ve also been using.
In terms of Duskbird style, I’m also fluctuating between two or three different designs – let me know if you prefer any over the others, as I like them all equally!