“Whiskey Bitters for Breakfast”


Friday July 1st, 2021

The flavor from the whiskey bitters was not as strong as you would imagine!

With this comic, I was experimenting with a more sketchy, scratchy style of line. I enjoyed how it looked while sketching, but thought it lost much of its charm after adding shading.

It was still a fun experiment, and I decided to leave it this way as a record of that and move onto experimenting with more new comics, instead of spending more time revising this one.

This comic was also when I started trying out larger font for the comics, because I realized that while the previous font size probably worked well for a more print-like resolution, it was likely too small to be viewed easily through online sources and social media. Because I imagined I would mainly be posting this comic through social media posts, I thought I should probably try out adapting the format to be more easily read on those platforms.